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The best way to describe Assylum is a twisted anal BDSM carnival where absolutely anything goes, and the more wild the sex, the better. The submissives that come to Dr. Rough Mercies for treatment crave punishment, extreme humiliation and degradation like no other sluts we’ve ever seen before. Luckily, Dr. Mercies has plenty of male and female staff to help him pull off the complex bondage and treatment options available to many of his depraved patients who always end up becoming a most treasured play-toy. Anal sex is only the most basic of therapies offered at Assylum. Felching, which is when a chick gets a load of cum in her ass, and another girl licks it out of her used up asshole, is always a great option to train a cum slut who can’t control her horny sexual desires. Anal stretching makes the submissive porn stars on Assylum feel of use to the doctors who become their BDSM dominants for the day. Ass to mouth is practically a daily occurrence for the residents of the Assylum, as the subs love the taste of their own ass juices, and that of so many sexed up friends too. Assylum’s hotties thrive on the humiliation and fulfilling pains of getting treated at the exclusive clinic.

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