Infernal Restraints

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Infernal Restraints is well known in BDSM circles as the incredibly creative and sadistic website, originally created by BDSM master PD, who was the creator of the Insex community. Having been around for more than 10 years, there is a ton of kinky and extreme BDSM content, featuring the most beautiful, and the most masochistic models desiring his unique brand of intense punishments and severe metal bondage. BDSM subs in shackles and complex metal devices, based on medieval practices are the norm. Head cages, which separate the sluts from the world outside but leave their bodies vulnerable to pain and pleasure, are one common device, as are unique straightjackets for girls who need a special type of bondage restraint and carnal treatment. The submissives, include well known porn stars wanting to experiment with their dark side, as well as real lifestyle amateurs who know that Infernal Restraints is the place to come to delve deep into their most disturbing, painful and erotic fantasies. Once in the strict bondage, the subs are subject to a wide variety of torments including tight nipple clamps, obscene gags which hold their mouths open and of course whippings and canings that leave marks on their bodies which later on become a point of pride to show off before they fade.

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The cost of a standard membership at Infernal Restraints is typically $65.00 for a 30 day period but our discount lowers this price to only $44.00. That is a savings of $21.00 which is equivalent to a 32% price break. The best membership plan however is a 6 month membership for just $195 upfront. With this plan you pay a monthly average fee of just $32.50 which is 50% off the normal monthly rate.

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